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Tesoro problem, any help please!

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Tesoro problem, any help please!

Непрочитанное сообщение joejonsme » 28 май 2018, 17:39


I have a Tesoro conquistador umax which i use quite frequently, it has been a great little detector with no problems until yesterday when i switched it on as usual and discovered it had this problem. The fault is that it will not pick up coins or small items unless the coil is right on top of them but will still pick up large metal objects from a few inches. This is a bit of a disappointment as it used to detect coins at several inches but is unusable at the moment and the only detector i have. The results are the same in 'all metal' or 'disc' mode and also if i turn the sensitivity up to max it will start to chatter when it is nowhere near any metal, something it never used to do. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated or anyone that repairs metal detectors in my area of Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Please help

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https://www.metaldetectingforum.co.uk/v ... hp?t=62831
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Thank you
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