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Black and White News", pricey jeans, and coots

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Black and White News", pricey jeans, and coots

Непрочитанное сообщение joejonsme » 11 май 2018, 14:36


She is more than merely delusional she is so out of touch her Rx for "mid-life women" batshit crazy pills need to be increased by at least 1000mg. per day! Yeah right, Tina Fey owes Sarah for her career! what kind of misogynistic clap trap is she talking about? Tina Fey worked her ass off for SNL for years before being recognized for her talents...that stupid BITCH Palin thinks she set her career...insane! I was going through my cup of old drink chips, realizing I'll never remember to take them with me, even if they were in the car. I was also getting ready to go to woodman's (east). Kinda bored. So I've hidden a couple of them there in case anyone's broke and thirsty.

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